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1.48*10/100/1000Mbps; 4*10G SFP+
2.L3 Feature——Static Routing,RIP v1, v2, DHCP server,helps route internal traffic for more efficient use of network resources
3.L2 Feature: VLAN、LACP、802.1X、STP、port management、IGMP snooping、DHCP Snooping...  
4.WEB/CLI managed modes, SNMP, RMON  abundant management features
5.19-inch , Rack Mountable

Product Description

LS7700G-48T4F-L3M 52-port full Gigabit managed switch is a convergent switch independently developed by Kedi Communication. It adopts a new generation of high-performance hardware and software platform. It provides 48 Gigabit RJ45 ports and supports 4 SFP optical ports. Distance cascading convergence, providing flexible full Gigabit access and cost-effective Gigabit uplink ports, supporting Layer 2 routing protocols, complete security protection mechanisms, complete ACL/QoS strategies and rich VLAN functions, easy to manage and maintain, It is suitable for the core or aggregation layer of medium and large networks such as enterprises and parks.



Product model and appearance


 48*10/100/1000M Self-negotiation RJ45 port

● 4*1000M SFP fiber

● Backplane Bandwidth:256Gbps

● Packet Forwarding Rate:77.38Mpps

● 3-layer network management function



Product performance

Powerful business processing capabilities

Support IGMP Snooping to meet multi-terminal HD video surveillance and video conferencing access needs

● Support the OSPF dynamic routing protocol, solve the routing routing problem after large complex network partition subnet, simplifying network configuration

● Supports RIP V1 / V2 dynamic routing protocols, solving the routing routing problem after small and medium network distribution subnet, simplifies network configuration

● Support static routing, administrators manually configure routing entries, implement communication between different network segments, simple, efficient, and reliable

● Support the agent ARP, so that the host in different physical networks in the same network segment can communicate normally

● Support GVRP, implement VLAN dynamic distribution, registration, and attribute propagation, reduce manual configuration, to ensure correctness

● Support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, can be based on "Access" "Trunk" and "Hybrid" three port modes, users can be flexible to divide VLAN

● Support QoS, support port, based on 802.1p and DSCP-based three priority patterns and SP, WRR, WFQ four queue scheduling algorithm

● Support ACL L2 (Layer 2) ~ L4 (Layer 4) Packet Filtering Function, enabling the data packet by configuring matching rules, processing operations, and time permissions Filter, providing flexible security access control policies

● Support DHCP server to assign IP addresses for hosts in the network

● Support DHCP Snooping, effectively eliminate private DHCP servers to ensure legality of DHCP servers

● Support for DHCP Option 82 relays, the switch in different interfaces or subnets can also get the IP address, reduce the number of DHCP servers

● Supports DHCP listening, restricting end user ports (non-credit ports) can only send DHCP requests, and discard all other DHCPs from the user port. Packet

● Support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, Mac VLAN, up to 4094 VLANs, users can flexibly divide VLANs according to different needs

● Rich two-layer multicast features, including static multicast groups and dynamic multicast groups, users quickly leave mechanism



Complete security protection mechanism

 Supports four-element binding of IP address, MAC address, VLAN and port to filter data packets

●Support ARP protection, against common gateway spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks and other common ARP spoofing and ARP flooding attacks in LAN

● Support IP source protection to prevent illegal address spoofing including MAC spoofing, IP spoofing, MAC/IP spoofing

● Supports defenses such as DOS, distributed denial of service, spoofing, and viruses

●Support 802.1X authentication, provide authentication function for LAN computers, and control the authorization status of controlled ports according to the authentication result

● Support port security and isolation, stop learning when the number of MAC addresses learned by the port reaches the maximum number, prevent MAC address attacks and control port network traffic

● Support loop protection, root bridge protection, TC protection, BPDU protection, BPDU filtering, realize link backup and path optimization

● Support loop loop detection to reduce repeated transmission of broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast messages by the device, resulting in a waste of network resources and even network paralysis. Effectively prevent loops and ensure the stability and security of the network

● Support port alarms, master port status, and ensure network stability



Diverse reliability protection

Support STP/RSTP/MSTP Spanning Tree Protocol, eliminate Layer 2 loop and realize link backup

● Support link aggregation, manual aggregation, static aggregation and dynamic aggregation, based on source port, source MAC, destination MAC, source IP, destination IP, source IP port,The method of target IP port can be up to 8 aggregation groups, effectively increasing link bandwidth, realizing load balancing, link backup, and improving link reliability

 Support BPUD bridge nesting protocol, use BPDU to dynamically select root bridge and backup bridge, which can be used to eliminate bridge loop

 Supports ERPS ring network protection. When a link on the Ethernet ring network is disconnected, the communication between each node on the ring network can be quickly restored. Single-ring and multi-ring networking are available, supporting fast Speed ring network (fault self-healing time <50ms)



Loose operation and maintenance

● Support Web network management, CLI command line (Console, Telnet, SSH V1/V2), SNMP (V1/V2/V3) compatible with public MIBS and other diversified management Management and maintenance

● Support HTTPS, SSH V1/V2, SSL V3 and other encryption methods, making management more secure

● Support RMON, system log, hierarchical warning, support remote log server

● Support LLDP, which is convenient for the network management system to query and judge the communication status of the link

● Support HTTP software upgrade, configuration management

● Support CPU monitoring and memory monitoring

● Support electrical port test, optical module information detection

● Support HTTP, TFTP software upgrade, configuration management



Hardware specifications



Downlink ports

48*10/100/1000M Adaptive RJ45 ports

Uplink ports

4*1000M SFP fiber

LED indicator

PWR, Link / Act

transmission mode

IEEE802.3 full duplex flow control and backpressure half duplex flow control



Packet Forwarding Rate


MAC address


Standard protocol

IEEE802.3i 10 BASE-TX

IEEE802.3u 100 BASE-TX

IEEE802.3ab 1000 BASE-T

IEEE802.3z 1000 BASE-LX

IEEE802.3x Flow Control





IEEE802.3az EEE

Power supply

AC 100~240V 50/60HZ


440mm × 360mm × 44mm

working temperature

Working Temperature: 0℃~45℃, Humidity: 10% ~ 90%

Storage Temperature: - 20℃~70,  Humidity: 5% ~ 95%



Software specifications


Support OSPF dynamic route

Support RIP V1 / V2 dynamic route

Support static route

Support ARP proxy

Loop protection

Support ERPS ring protection

Support 50MS loop since healing

Support BPDU protection, root protection and loopback protection

Summing tree (STP)

Support STP (IEEE 802.1D),

Support RSTP (IEEE 802.1W)

Support MSTP (IEEE 802.1s)

Support loop protection, root bridge protection, TC protection, BPDU protection,

BPDU filtering


Support DHCP server

Support DHCP relay

Support DHCP Snooping

Support Option, Option82


Support 4K VLAN

Support 802.1Q VLAN, Mac VLAN, protocol VLAN, Private VLAN

Support Guest VLAN, Voice VLAN

Support GVRP protocol

Support 1: 1 and N: 1 VLAN mapping function

MAC address table

Follow IEEE 802.1D standard

Support MAC address automatic learning and aging

Support static, dynamic, filter address table

Security feature

Based on user grading management and password protection

Support for port numbers, IP addresses, MAC addresses limit users access

Support HTTPS, SSL V3, TLS V1, SSH V1 / V2

Support IP-MAC-Port-VLAN quarter binding

Support ARP protection, IP source protection, DOS protection

Support DHCP Snooping, DHCP Attack Protection

Support 802.1x certification, AAA

Support RADIUS

Support TACACS +

Support port security, port isolation

Support CPU protection

Access Control (ACL)

Supports L2 (Layer 2) ~ L4 (Layer 4) package filter function

Provide a source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, TCP / UDP protocol source / destination port number, protocol, and VLAN package filtering function

Support port mirror, port redirection, flow rate, QoS heavy mark

Support IPv4, IPv6ACL

Service quality (QoS)

Support 8 port queues

Support port priority, 802.1p priority, DSCP priority

Support WRR, strict priority scheduling algorithm


Support IGMP V1 / V2 / V3 Snooping

Support MLD V1 / V2 Snooping

Support fast leaving mechanism

Support multicast VLAN

Support multicast filtering, packet statistics, unknown multicast discard


and maintenance

Support Web network management (HTTP, HTTPS, SSL V3, TLS V1)

Support CLI (Telnet, SSH V1 / V2, local serial port)

Support SNMP V1 / V2 / V3, compatible public MIBS

Support LLDP, RMON

Support CPU monitoring, memory monitoring

Support system log, grading warning

Support ping, traceroute detection, UDLD

Support electrical port test, optical module information detection

Support HTTP, TFTP software upgrade, configuration management


Ordering Information

Product Description


48*10/100/1000M RJ45 ports + 4*1000M SFP fiber


10/100/1000MOptical fiber module




Dual fiber, single mode,40Km,1310nm




Single fiber, single mode,20Km,1310nm




Single fiber, single mode,20Km,1550nm


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